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Pink Tourmaline ZigZag Cut

Gemstone Price Appreciation

 written by John Dyer, August 2011
In very general terms the price of gems tends to rise over time (as do the prices of most products except those that can readily have their production industrialized). Gems probably have more upward pressure on their prices than most products though due to a number of factors... Read more
Golden Beryl AGTA award winner by John Dyer

Rock and Gem article

 the Rock & Gem magazine, May 2011
My father, David Dyer, and I started Precious Gemstones Co., a gemstone business, in 1996 due to my early love of gemstones. Neither of us was a gem cutter at the time. I was 16 or 17 and my father had done many things, but nothing gem or jewelry related. We traveled to Asia, Africa, South America, and other... Read more
AGTA 1st place 2008 pair of Ametrines

AGTA Prism article

 From the American Gem Trade's Prism publication, Summer 2010
At age 16, Dyer and his family returned to the United States. John Dyer and his father David decided to go into the gemstone business. Dyer and his father went to Zambia to purchase emeralds and aquamarine rough.Machine-gun fire did not dissuade the Dyers, they purchased the rough material and returned... Read more
the importance of a good gemstone cutting

Superior Cut

 Jewellery Business Magazine, June 2009
Whether on the wholesale or retail level, a diamond’s cut is critical in any sales presentation. In fact, a great many diamond companies make the quality of their cut their primary marketing focus. Brands such as Hearts on Fire have made large inroads into the market and command significant premiums over non-branded and standard-cut diamonds. Read more
Garnet ZigZag Cut

Gemmy award winner article

 by Marlene A. Prost, Jan/Fev 2007
John Dyer of Precious Gemstones Co., Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has a reputation as a wunderkind. Almost 28, he has already won 20* AGTA Cutting Edge awards — and is the only gem cutter to sweep the Faceting category in two separate years. His winning ZigZag™ Cut, a green Afghan tourmaline, is his first-ever Gemmy entry. It combines... Read more
Gypsy Rose Garnet

Gypsy Rose Garnet

 Modern Jeweler, July 2008
However, to make absolutely sure which of garnet’s many strains ran through the gem, cutter John Dyer, based in Edina, Minnesota, who had bought as much of the rough as he could, submitted it to GIA’s mobile lab at the Tucson show in 2006. GIA, which has published extensive studies on garnet groupings and interminglings... Read more
Well Cut Gems

"Earthly Perfection"

 appeared in a Professional Jeweler article, November 2004
John Dyer has achieved the highest pinnacles of success in gem cutting despite – or perhaps because of – his modest nature. Free of the bounds of arrogance and self-importance, he pursues beauty for beauty’s sake. Along the way, he’s won multiple American Gem Trade Association Cutting Edge Awards. And the 25-year-old has... Read more