Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy, so we give you a full 14 days after you receive them to examine and return gems!

If the gem or gems are returned in original condition we will refund their full purchase price minus shipping charges.

(Tip: This is a good way to compare multiple gems, just return the ones you don't want!)

If you plan on returning things we prefer payment by debit card, credit card, Zelle, ACH or wire transfer (Not PayPal!) to keep the fees on our end lower if we need to give you a large refund.

If you want to look at 3 or more gems but only plan to buy one, please email us and we can charge you 25-30% less than the total retail value of the selected gems. After you return the other gems, we'll refund you the difference between what you paid and the cost of the gem you kept plus shipping.

The gem you decide to keep will be regular price, but this way you will need to pay out less to see the assortment than you would otherwise. That makes it easier for you AND for us. We do this expecting that you will return some of the gems. When you email us first we can also arrange to send you an invoice using a payment services company which has lower merchant fees for us.

Read our return shipping instructions