Pink Sapphire Starbrite™ Cut 1.53 carats (Sold)

This 1.53-carat Pink Sapphire gemstone features the Starbrite™ cut. Amazing vivid pink sapphire oval with our special cutting which allows the gem to be very wide and shallow while still being brilliant. This shallow cut allows it to be set very low in a ring so it doesn't snag on as many things and also gives you a much bigger look for your money as you aren't paying for a bunch of carats that are hidden on the bottom of the gem. Very visually appealing in the hand this gem does have some very small crystalline inclusions reminiscent of dust that will show up more in the image than in person as the gem is much larger in the picture than in real life.

For scale: USA Ring Size 7.5 - Middle and Index Finger Used in video and photo.

Refer to the table below for detailed information about this gemstone.

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