What does it mean when the description says that a gem has a logo on it?

JD logoMany of our gems have a stylized JD logo (see image at right) on them just below the girdle. This mark sets a gem apart as one of our pieces and adds value by attesting to it's uniqueness and quality. The logo indicates the gem is one of ours without disrupting the face-up beauty of the gem. The logo, which is a registered trademark of ours, is the initials JD in the shape of a faceted gem's profile.

Below are pictures of the logo on some gems as seen from the side. The arrow points to where the logo is on the Blue Topaz, and the Citrine has a logo right in the middle of the gem below the girdle. Logos vary in size and exact location, depending on the size and facet pattern of the gem.

Citrine with JD logo     Blue Topaz with JD logo

Why don't all of the gems have logos?

Our logo has a minimum size, and some gems with very small facets just don't fit a logo on them in a good way. For these gems we can offer a printable "Certificate of Authenticity" complete with a picture of the gem if you or your client would like.

Another reason a gem may not have a logo is because in some cuts there is no way to place a logo without it appearing in a disagreeable way from the front of the gem.

Some large and extra special gems do not have logos because I am considering entering them into a faceting competition. Because the competitions are judged "blind," the judges are not supposed to know who cut the gem and a logo would defeat this purpose.

In some cases such as our "JD Select Outsourced Cut Gems", we subcontracted out the cutting of the gem and so we did not put our logo on it. For all outsourced cut gems the fact that we did not cut it is always clearly listed in the cut name and/or description of the gem.

If you are interested in a specific gem without a logo and want to know why it doesn't have one feel free to ask us!

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