Peach Pink Sapphire Starbrite™ Cut 2.87 carats (Sold)

This 2.87-carat Peach Pink Sapphire gemstone features the Starbrite™ cut. Rare large natural color round peachy pink sapphire with good clarity and our special cut. This is a super popular color for engagement rings. As is typical with natural color sapphires this gem tends to shift a little in color between different kinds of lighting and that is part of its charm.

To me this looks like a padparadscha color, but GIA called it simply "pink" so the price is lower than it would be if it had gotten the coveted "padparadscha" label from a lab. They do say it "has no indications of heating" also which is a good thing.

For scale: USA Ring Size 7.5 - Middle and Index Finger Used in video and photo.

Refer to the table below for detailed information about this gemstone.

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