Rare and Unusual Gems

Rare and unusual gems with our award winning precision and artistic cutting.
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Client Testimonial Zircon
Super Trillion™ Cut (Sold)
Client Testimonial Zircon gemstone
Oregon Sunstone
Dreamscape™ Cut
Oregon Sunstone gemstone
Paraiba Tourmaline
Starbrite™ Cut
Paraiba Tourmaline gemstone


The following gemstone cuts are suggested as an alternative to Rare and Unusual Gems.

Padparadscha Sapphire
Emerald Cut (Sold)
Padparadscha Sapphire gemstone
Parti Color Australian Sapphire
Super Trillion™ Cut (Sold)
Parti Color Australian Sapphire gemstone
Regal Radiant™ Cut (Sold)
 Chrysoberyl gemstone
Paraiba Type Tourmaline
Radiant Style Cut (Sold)
Paraiba Type Tourmaline gemstone
Imperial Topaz
Regal Radiant™ Cut (Sold)
Imperial Topaz gemstone
Red Spinel
Regal Radiant™ Cut (Sold)
Red Spinel gemstone
Neon Tourmaline
Regal Radiant™ Cut
Neon Tourmaline gemstone
Unusual Sapphire
Radiant Style Cut
Unusual Sapphire gemstone
Natural Color Tanzanite
Super Trillion™ Cut (Sold)
Natural Color Tanzanite gemstone
New Oregon Sunstone
Starbrite™ Cut
Oregon Sunstone gemstone
Blue/Purple Sapphire
Starbrite™ Cut (Sold)
Blue/Purple Sapphire gemstone

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