Gypsy Rose Garnet Starbrite™ Cut 26.80 carats (Sold)

This 26.80-carat Gypsy Rose Garnet gemstone features the Starbrite™ cut. Huge and rich color garnet with great width to depth ratio. This gem is not at all deep and yet it is still brilliant due to the special cutting technique. It is very hard to find a garnet this large which also has attractive color like this one does.

Refer to the table below for detailed information about this gemstone.

Gypsy Rose Garnet was discovered in 2005 in Tanzania's Umba Valley. What makes this attractive orange-red garnet different is its unusually high grossular content (7.0-8.5%). This grossular component may give Gypsy Rose its special hue which is lighter and brighter than most other red garnets. Although Rhodolite Garnet is similar to Gypsy Rose Garnet in that both are pyrope-almandines found in East Africa, they differ in this grossular component, hue and in Gypsy Rose Garnet's lack of rutile inclusions within the stone.

(Source: GIA and John D. Dyer)

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