Citrine Nebula™ Cut 87.75 carats

This 87.75-carat Citrine gemstone features the Nebula™ cut. Taking this gem's allure to cosmic heights is the Nebula™ Cut. Inspired by the vastness and mystery of space, this cutting technique features an intricate arrangement of facets designed to create a depth and play of light reminiscent of distant galaxies and star clusters. Each facet is meticulously crafted to catch and reflect light in a way that gives the Citrine a celestial glow, akin to a nebula's radiant luminosity.

For scale: USA Ring Size 7.5 - Middle and Index Finger Used in video and photo.

On every gemstone picture we use two lighting sources in order to imitate the kind of ambient lighting the gemstone will be seen in.

Incandescent lights are used for the gemstone close-up picture giving it a warmer color.

Natural lighting is used for the hand pictures and videos. Refer to the table below for detailed information about this gemstone.

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