Baby Dyer Blue/Green Montana Sapphire JD Select™ Outsourced Cut

This 0.76-carat Blue/Green Montana Sapphire gemstone features the JD Select™ Outsourced cut. Refer to the table below for detailed information about this gemstone.

Blue/Green Montana Sapphire gemstone
Item number: SAP814H
Retail price: $836
Status: Available
Cut info: Flat Faceted
Carats: 0.76 carats
Length x width: 4.8 mm x 4.4 mm
Pavilion depth 2.9 mm
Total depth: 2.8 mm
Primary color: Blue
Shape: Rectangle
Features: JD Select Outsourced, Montana Sapphire
Origin: Montana, Usa
Enhancement code H
Logo: No
Mohs hardness: 9.0
Notes: JD Select™ Outsourced gems are a category of gems with better than standard commercial cutting and polish. They are not ones that we have cut ourselves, but instead have carefully selected other cutters or cutting shops with a higher quality work than is normal in the market to cut select gems according to John’s specifications. This is done with rough which we often could not afford to cut ourselves.

The resulting finished gems are priced at a lower price per carat than our own cuts and are often smaller too so they are a great opportunity to own a relatively well cut gem for a more affordable price.

Due to the lower cost of these gems on many of them we cannot afford to take additional photos or videos of them. We do still offer our 14 day return policy though!
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