Chrome Beryl Regal Radiant™ Cut 3.17 carats (Sold)

This 3.17-carat Chrome Beryl gemstone features the Regal Radiant™ cut. This is a very gorgeous and rare gem in that it was cut out of an emerald type beryl crystal but from a section that was mixed with blue. So it is kind of like an aquamarine (which is blue beryl) mixed with a light emerald (which is green beryl colored by chromium or vanadium) in color with just an extra bit of "punch" and green that is more vivid than the normal aquamarine green which is caused by iron. Similar material to this was found in very limited quantities in Madagascar years ago and was selling for thousands of dollars per carat to dealers and collectors.

For scale: USA Ring Size 7.5 - Middle and Index Finger Used in video and photo.

On every gemstone picture we use two lighting sources in order to imitate the kind of ambient lighting the gemstone will be seen in.

Incandescent lights are used for the gemstone close-up picture giving it a warmer color.

Fluorescent or LED lighting is used for the hand pictures and videos giving the gemstone a cooler color. Refer to the table below for detailed information about this gemstone.

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