About Gems

Browse through the following pages to find out information about gemstones, gemstone faceting, and more.

bio card small pictureWays We Help You Sell Our Gems

This page explains some of the reasons that our gems sell and different steps we take to help the retailer market them.

Cutting picture smallThe Importance of Good Gemstone Cutting

Some tips on recognizing a good gem cut and why quality gem cutting is important.

Modern faceting machineryModern Equipment

The equipment and methods we use to make the most beautiful gem possible.

Imperial topaz mine small pictureSourcing the Rough

We work to bring you the best quality gems possible and that often requires travel!

John Dyer LogoFeatures of Our Gems

Some of the things that set our gems apart from the rest.

Blue Topaz pictureAGTA Treatmeat Codes

A page which explains the American Gem Trade Association's enhancement code system which we use to disclose all treaments on our gems.

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