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How a Gem's Cut Influences Its Price & Value

Even many professional gem buyers do not realize how much a gem's cut can influence what it is really worth. This video shows the rational behind a different method of evaluating gemstones and helps you to be able to recognize many of the common problems in mediocre gemstone cutting. Once you watch this video you will be far more equipped to make an educated decision about which is the best gem for your money.

How to Cut Gemstones by John Dyer

Good cutting requires experience, creativity and modern machinery. We at John Dyer Co. employ the latest technology to bring you a superior gem. Many cutters overseas use a rather crude method of cutting. They simply glue the gemstone to a stick and hold it to a grinding wheel. Such methods cannot consistently produce beautiful gems. We use only modern, accurate faceting machines. We employ gem cutters who know how to bring the best out of a piece of rough. As much as possible, we try to cut our gemstones without internal flaws or inclusions. This guarantees that you will have a gemstone of which you can be proud.

How to Distinguish Between Good and Bad Gemstone Faceting by John Dyer

This is a short tutorial made by gemstone artist John Dyer explaining the difference between good faceting and bad gem cutting. Red flags such as windowed or fish eye gemstones, crooked girdles, scratchy poor polish, and facets that don't meet are pointed out and explained.

Interested in faceting? Check out John's faceting tips!

Silver Spot Iolite

This is another short tutorial made by gemstone artist John Dyer. In it he talks about a rare and rather spectacular variety of Iolite...Which we call "Silver Spot Iolite" due to its silvery inclusions. As of June 1st you will be able to see some Silver Spot Iolites in our online catalog.

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