Fancy Sapphire Dreamscape™ Cut

This 4.04-carat Fancy Sapphire gemstone features the Dreamscape™ cut. Refer to the table below for detailed information about this gemstone.

Fancy Sapphire gemstone
Item number: FSP988N
Retail price: $1778
Status: Available
Cut info: Combination Cut
Carats: 4.04 carats
Length x width: 14.0 mm x 7.7 mm
Pavilion depth 2.3 mm
Total depth: 3.0 mm
Primary color: Purple
Shape: Leaf/Flame
Origin: Umba, Tanzania
Enhancement code N
Logo: No
Mohs hardness: 9.0
Notes: Very unusual gem. It has some inclusions which flash iridescent rainbows of color as you move the gem in strong light. Natural color (no treatments) and a unique cut and HUGE size for a sapphire but still priced very affordablly because it isn't clean. A great gem for an engagement ring to celebrate the beauty of imperfections in a relationship. Our cutting with bubbles carved and polished into the back.
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