Parti Color Australian Sapphire Starbrite™ Cut 2.80 carats (Sold)

This 2.80-carat Parti Color Australian Sapphire gemstone features the Starbrite™ cut. Very large face size and shallow depth make this lovely round parti color sapphire easy to set nice and low in an engagement ring which allows it to be even more suitable for daily wear as it won't get knocked around as much as a tall gem would. Good clarity, our fantasy style cutting and the unique look that this natural multi color gem brings.

Mined in Australia.

Parti color sapphire has been very popular in engagement rings, besides who beautiful and interesting it is to look at the multiple colors in the same gem can be seen as the union of two people and the mixing of their personalities in the marriage union. This is kind of similar to the ceremony that some people do of mixing two colors of sand together when they make their vows.

For scale: USA Ring Size 7.5 - Middle and Index Finger Used in video and photo.

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