Green Gemstones

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Green Tourmaline
Concave Cut (Sold)
Green Tourmaline gemstone
Gem Pendant Cut (Sold)
 Prasiolite gemstone

The following gemstones have Green as a secondary color.

Greenish Yellow Sapphire
JD Select™ Outsourced Cut
Greenish Yellow Sapphire gemstone
Yellow/Green Sapphire
JD Select™ Outsourced Cut
Yellow/Green Sapphire gemstone
Yellow/Green Tourmaline
JD Select™ Outsourced Cut
Yellow/Green Tourmaline gemstone
Blue Australian Sapphire
Starbrite™ Cut (Sold)
Blue Australian Sapphire gemstone
New Teal Australian Sapphire
SunBurst™ Cut
Teal Australian Sapphire gemstone
Montana Sapphire
RippleTop™ Cut (Sold)
Montana Sapphire gemstone
Parti Color Australian Sapphire
Sunburst™ Cut (Sold)
Parti Color Australian Sapphire gemstone
Canary Tourmaline
Super Trillion™ Cut (Sold)
Canary Tourmaline gemstone

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